Friday, September 20, 2013

Chapter 8: Can We Go Home Now?

Carey has a wish to visit China, and an opportunity to collect some common relics for the office to get a raise. So, he and Cara rush off to Shang Simla.

"Can we go home now?"

You just got here. And you're not leaving until you collect some relics for work.

"This website ays Shang Simla is plagued by serious routing issues. I wonder if our Watcher downloaded the fix for that?"

Your Watcher did, but forgot to reinstall it after the last ep/patch. But at least the dig site fixer mod is in place.

After fulfilling Carey's wish to visit the academy and letting him earn a belt in Sim Fu, I sent them off to find the relics for his opportunity. Done and done.

"Ooh, the baby sitter sent us a video of Fuff and Desmond! So cute! Maybe we should have waited for him to age up before he left."

"Time freezes at home while we're traveling, Cara. It will still be Desmond's birthday when we get home."

Yes, I sent them traveling on Desmond's birthday. I just wanted to get the trip out of the way and not have it interfere with any wishes to do the toddler training. 

After seeing a few more sights and buying incense, they run out of wishes I can fulfill here, so it's back to base camp to run on autonomy.

Cara has a new smartphone obsession. Carey works on his wish to be best friends with Dillon Lawless by calling and texting him relentlessly.

The real reason Carey wished to visit the Academy again, flirting with the locals. As usual, it comes to nothing.

But he managed to earn a few more belts, too.

When they start breaking the plumbing in the base camp, that's pretty much my signal to leave.

I'll let them get their woohoo on first.

So, I didn't document much of their trip. Travel in wishacies is a little spotty depending on what they wish to do while they're there. Carey did get the call to do the first tomb, which he took. But I didn't bother with pictures, since I've been there and done that all too often, and I assume everyone else has as well, or at least seen in countless legacies. He and Cara also got a bunch of Fed Ex quest calls, to find gems and metals to deliver to locals. Doing all that netted them around 3k above the cost of their trrip.


Desmond will never forgive his crapsack parents for taking off on his birthday. Never!

"And your mother walked in on me while I was in bed with Maggie. She was furious! But, I thought we were broken up on account of her getting back together with Frederick Eames the night before. I mean, we weren't even romantic interests at that point. But I guess she was also kind of mad at Maggie for cheating on Dillon with me. Because your Mom and Dillon grew up in the orphanage together. So, anyway, after I took your mom to prom, I thought everything was cool; I was going steady with Cara and Maggie and Dillon were still an item. No more cheating for anyone. But Maggie never got over it, she totally flipped on me at our graduation party. Accused me of cheating on her, even though she was actually married to Dillon by then..."

Desmond does eventually learn to talk, when his dad lets him get a word in. Carey also roll a wish to potty train him, and he and Cara both want to see him age up well, s she gets to teach him to walk.

Fuff also ages up.

"The toilet seat is cold!"

You can feel that through your jeans?

Carey has been diligently working on a wish to upgrade 5 things. As soon as he finishes that sink, he and Cara work on her wish for another baby.

Like she's actually aware of what happened, Cara rolls a wish to quit her job right after the chimes. I let her fulfill that, since I was planning on changing her LTW from the CEO one and hoping she'd wish for a more interesting career. 

And Cara complies by wishing for three careers after she quits; to go back into busness (No), become a criminal, or become a gardener. We opt for the gardening career because it will be my first shot at self-employment in a wishacy. So, she heads of to City Hall the next morning to register in her dream job. (She also has a locked in wish to grow a Great tomato plant, currently in progress)

When she comes home, she uses the babysitter to fulfill her wish for 18 friends. I get a good look at him; he's an exact clone of Farrell Brannon (from my Brannon legacy). Except for the big pointy ears. After he's done here, I move him into the orphanage, hoping to see his genes pass on into DV. =)

Morvyn the dragon gets more attention in this house than he did in the previous one. Still, a rather disappointing bit of premium content he is. They didn't even give them a bed or perch, so Sims just drop him on the floor wherever and I have to move him out of the way in buy mode. 

Oh, and there's Cara's maternity outfit for pregnancy 2.

At some point in there, Cara does get to change her LTW. It's now the blogger one, to max social networking and have a 5 star blog. I wasn't sure she'd be able to do it, but thought it would be fun to see if she rolls the wishes to make it happen. So far, so good, she's got a locked in wish to improve the skill and to have 300 followers, so she gets to blog every time something blog-worthy happens to her. Mostly woohoo, as it turns out.

Carey is super-husband, constantly autonomously giving Cara amazing massages.

Carey is hoping for a girl, that wish is locked in. Car wanted a boy, but there wasn't the space to lock in  the wish. And *I* want a girl, too, so...yeah, not jinxing myself. Though, maybe by locking Carey's girl-wish, I *am* jinxing myself?  

Fuckin' jinxes, how do they work?

Since aging up, Fuff has only rolled one wish, to be BFFs with Cara, which he achieves through non-stop pestering for attention.

"You got your girl. I hope you're happy."

I will be if she has your hair and freckles, Cara.

The newest Lancaster is named Paisley. She's Clumsy and a Natural Cook. And she's already the frontrunner for heir.

In neighborhood news: Drustan aged up and married his girlfriend Krystal. Since she was a babysitter, I had to move her into the orphanage so she'd age up properly and all that.
Faelan and Yasmin had a baby, a boy I think.
Tamsyn is dating a pink-haired Herbert Kelly.
Van and Camille Pleasant-McCarthy had a baby as well. Hopefully with purple hair.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Chapter 7: None Shall Pass

The mystery of who the father of Cara's baby is is quickly solved when Carey rolls a wish to read a pregnancy book. It's the only pregnancy related wish he will roll.

The orphanage, where Cara still lives, has acquired a kitten, who has followed her to Carey's house. Unfortunately for little Fuff, he can't climb the stairs up to the porch, so Cara has to go outside to socialize with him.

Carey follows her outside once he's done with his reading. Totally Preggers recommended lots of backrubs for the mother-to-be, and Carey is trying to be a good baby daddy here. Even though he's thinking about escaping to China.

Since we're outside, here's the house in the snow. It's still Autumn, but Winter is coming.

Across the street is an old circle of stones.

While Carey and Cara go inside to woohoo, Fuff runs off a deer.

After woohoo, Carey decides to some laundry (I love him for this), and Cara follows him out to the mudroom for a hug.

Carey is maybe thinking about asking her to move in? Maybe? So far, no wishes.

It looks like you have the bed to yourself tonight, Carey.

Fuff attempts to sneak up on Mr. Evil Gnome.

Since Cara was not officially invited to stay the night, she wakes up around 3am and takes off, so Carey is alone the next morning. First thing he does is start primping in the bedroom mirror.

Then he moves his self love (not self woohoo) into the bathroom. Then back out to the bedroom mirror.

Seriously, Carey, you aren't all that.

"Hey, Dillon. So, we're cool right? I mean, I haven't slept with your wife since high school..."

Carey rolled a wish to be besties with Dillon Lawless. Their friendship since childhood remained amazingly undamaged despite the fact that Carey slept with his girlfriend.

Later, Carey fulfills a wish to visit the Winter festival by inviting Cara to join him there. After a little whack-a-gnome and a greeting card photo, he invites her back home to fulfill his wish to watch the stars with her.

Their baby is due very soon. Cara has commitment issues, but she has marriage on her mind. Carey isn't so sure he's ready for this.

Then suddenly, as they're sitting together watching the stars, their asses getting wet in the deep snow, Carey is ready. He wants to marry Cara.

So he gets on his knees pulls out a ring from the ether (you didn't think he had on stashed up his butt, did you?) and proposes.

Despite her commitment issues and his cheater reputation, Cara says yes.

With the baby due any minute now, there isn't time to wait for a wedding or bachelor parties, so Carey follows the proposal with a private wedding in his backyard.

Cara brings Fuff with her into the family.

At dawn the following morning, Cara goes into labor. Oddly enough, she puts on her non-maternity outwear to go to the hospital in and loses her belly.

"No one expects the Gnomish Inquisition."

A few hours later, Desmond Lancaster is born. Carey, already late for work, rushes off to the office while Cara takes Desmond home. Desmond's traits are Good Sense of Humor and Perfectionist.

For a girl with commitment issues, Cara is awfully happy about being a new wife and mother.

Psst, Cara, there's no ring on your finger.

Some shots of the house with the holiday lights.

Carey asks Cara out on a date that evening, and she wishes to eat out at the restaurant. After their meal, they decide to build a snowman together.

Apparently they aren't the only couple out for a romantic evening. Behind the, Tina Dolan-Mithrilen and Sean Kelly are flirting it up.

They are both married to other people, however.

The town gathers to disapprove of this public adultery, some casting awkwardly sympathetic glances at Bret Mithrilen, the brother of Tina's husband.

"You filthy, cheating bastard," Cara points an accusatory finger at Sean, "I have commitment issues and I manage to stay faithful. What's wrong with you?"

"You've been married for one day, I've been married since the world began. I just wanted to taste a little strange before I turn elder." Sean explains.

"I declare you my nemesis!"

"Uh, what?"


Seriously, Cara rolled a wish to make Sean her enemy after witnessing his adultery. Then she rolls a wish to fight him.

Carey stands idly by, repairing his friendship with Bret Mithrilen, which had grown distant since grade school, while his wife brutally assaults Sean Kelly.

"He, did you see the article about Dragon Age: Inquisition in PC Gamer?"

Cara is defeated in her struggle with her nemesis. But it still fulfills her wish.

Apparently Carey has a hidden 'vain' trait. First thing the next morning, he's at his mirror.

"Are you primping for Maggie?" Cara asks from the bathtub.

"I just like to look my best," Carey says,"I never think about Maggie anymore."

I can vouch for him, Carey has turned himself into a one woman man.

"How about a quickie before work?" Cara offers.

Carey would love to, but his carpool comes for him before he can make it to the bed.

While Carey is at office, Cara has one wish to fulfill, to visit the fairy arboretum. She decides to take Desmond along with her.

"I want the fairies to bless him."

Oh, yeah, no, have you not read any fairy tales? You don't want fairies involved with your kid's life.

Cara does not heed the warnings of the narrator, and heads out to the arboretum with  her infant son.

Snowman: None shall pass.

Cara: What?

Snowman: None shall pass!

Cara: I have no quarrel with you, good Sir Snowknight, but I must cross this gate.

Snowman: Then you shall die.

"You're going to duel me with a broom? I don't think so," Cara says, and waltzes past the snowman.

There's no age restrictions on touring the arboretum, so Cara goes inside with Desmond.

"Again?" Cara sighs as she comes out a few hours later, only to be confronted by another snowman.

"Who would cross the bridge of death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he sees."

"Ask me your questions, bridgekeeper. I'm not afraid," Cara says, not pointing out that there's not a bridge in sight, let alone of Bridge of Death.

" your name?"

"Cara Lancaster."

" your quest?"

"I have to get Desmond home. It's time for his bottle."

" your favorite color?"

"Lime green."

"Go on. Off you go."

"Seriously? Do you snowmen have nothing better to do than troll people with Monty Python skits?"

Cara greets Carey in the evening with questions about the office. 

"Maggie got demoted," Carey tells her, "Aaron Finnigan took over as boss. And I got promoted to Filing Clerk."

Filing Clerk...that's her title. Cara misses work, but she also is wishing for another baby, which would mean more maternity leave. When she does get back to the office, Carey will be way ahead of her.

"I'm glad Maggie isn't holding anything over you anymore," Cara says.

"So, I have this opportunity," Carey says, "Aaron wants me to bring back some relics from China."

"You've been wishing to visit Shang Simla," Cara notes.

"Yeah, and now I have a reason to. Do you want to come with me?"

"I'll think about it."


Carey has been nursing a wish to go to China wish since Cara was pregnant. And now he has a work opportunity to get some relics, so, there will be travel.

Weirdly, after Maggie accused him of cheating, Carey lost the romantic interest status her, Then it came back. Then  I got a pop up declaring that Maggie was no longer interested in working on this relationship and was breaking it off. Crazy much? At any rate, Carey officially only has Cara as any kind of romantic relationship, but he retains his cheater status. He has been good though, all his romance wishes are for Cara.

Cara has a wish for another baby locked in. Her LTW is the same as Carey's, to be CEO. I might have her change it, since it's boring like that. Though I don't know to what...her traits are Commitment Issues, Loser, Friendly...I don't remember the others, but none of them scream for any particular LTW.

LOL stroller fail